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Kanana Makena

Kanana Makena

Link 4 Change
Head of Partnerships & Fundraising
Category: Mainstreaming Gender and Disability

Kanana is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and empowerment, specializing in disability rights and program management. With extensive experience in driving lasting change, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized communities, particularly youth, women and persons with disabilities in Africa.

As the Head of Partnerships & Fundraising at Link 4 Change, Kanana has developed and implemented inclusive empowerment programs, leveraging strategic partnerships to amplify their impact. Her efforts have not only promoted career readiness and entrepreneurship but have also advocated for systemic change, striving for inclusivity and opportunity for marginalized groups.

Previously, Kanana served as a Disability Inclusion Advisor, playing a pivotal role in promoting disability inclusion within various organizations. Her responsibilities included overseeing recruitment processes, cultivating stakeholder relationships and coordinating disability inclusion training programs, ultimately fostering cultures of inclusion within communities.

With her academic knowledge and practical expertise, Kanana stands as a strong advocate for positive change and inclusivity across diverse societal realms.