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Awards Categories

There are four Award categories:

Business Engage has developed the Gender Mainstreaming Awards to encourage private sector to buy-in to achieving more meaningful representation of women in the mainstream of business.

There are various categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at.

As gender diversity is still fairly new worldwide we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey. Do not be put off by this. You are encouraged to use the awards as a springboard to further achievements. There is no cost to submitting an application. All applications are done online on the Enrolment Form tab and may be South Africa programmes and/or international programmes.

Gender Mainstreaming Champion Award

Divisions may be split into two streams:

  • JSE listed and SOE companies
  • non-JSE listed companies.

Should a number of SOE companies enter,  we reserve the right to then move them into their own category.