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The Accenture

11th Gender
Mainstreaming Awards

Nominate individuals. Corporates enter. Learn more about the various categories.

Entry deadline extended to 20 June 2023



Business Engage has developed the Gender Mainstreaming Awards to encourage private sector to buy-in to achieving more meaningful representation of women in the mainstream of business. 

We hereby invite your company to enter and also to nominate individuals for the individual awards. There are various categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at.

Regional finals 2022

Celebrating Women


Colleen Larsen, CE of Business Engage, talks to THANDO PATO
about why they are taking the Gender Mainstreaming Awards across
Africa, and the challenges around gender parity on the continent.

“We believe that the best way to influence change is to strengthen and grow the current conversations; then couple that with deliberate actions.”

South African WEPs Awards 2022

The South African WEPs Awards Awards is the first regional awards initiative that recognises companies who are taking action for gender equality in the region aligned to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, with the ultimate objective to make good practices visible and encourage more business to take action by joining the WEPs. 

WEPs Awards Logo
Joint overall winners - Economic empowerment
Gender Mainstreaming Awards Trophies
Gender Mainstreaming Awards Champion - Southern Africa 2021

Entry deadline extended to 20 June 2023

The Awards give public recognition for good practice and excellence in diversity with an emphasis on  gender mainstreaming. 

East Africa Judges | West Africa Judges | Southern Africa Judges

There are various Gender Mainstreaming Awards categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at.


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Nominations Open

Celebrate Gender Mainstreaming by nominating a company and/or an individual for a Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.

Nominations Open

Nominate an individual or company for a Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.
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