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Awards Application Process

We invite you to nominate an individual/s for the individual categories or for your company to participate in our next Gender Mainstreaming Awards. 

There are two individual categories.  We encourage nominations for the two individual categories so we may recognise those that actively work towards gender mainstreaming and are paving the way for new candidates to come through the ranks.  

For company awards, there are various categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at. As gender diversity is still fairly new worldwide we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey. Do not be put off by this. You are encouraged to use the awards as a springboard to further achievements. 

There is no cost to submitting an application. All applications are done online from the below links.

Steps involved in the application process:

Step 1

Entry deadline extended: Complete the application by 20 June 2023

Nominate an Individual

Celebrate Gender Mainstreaming by nominating an individual person for a individual Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.

Individual Excellence

Celebrate Gender Mainstreaming by nominating an individual person for a individual Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.

Nominate a Company

Celebrate Gender Mainstreaming by nominating a company for a Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.

Company Excellence

Celebrate Gender Mainstreaming by nominating a Company for Mainstreaming excellence.

Step 2

Provincial semi-finals - individual categories : 28 July 2023
(Refer to our awards criteria)

Step 3

Shortlisted companies and individual semi-final individuals are interviewed by the judges 4 July 2023 - 28 July 2023

4/5 July

- Equal Representation

6/7 July

- Investing in Young Women

11/12 July

- Economic Empowerment
- Mainstreaming Gender & Disability judging

13/14 July

- Women on Boards etc - RMB's Africa's Fearless Thinker

18/19 July

- Women Empowerment in the Workplace

20/21 July

- Women Empowerment in the Community

25/26 July

Inclusive Leader


Positive Role model

Step 4

Regional Finalists announced 2 August 2023

Finalists submit hi-res company logo and/or hi-res photos. Finalists agree to use of logos and photos for marketing purposes (specifications to be provided).

Step 5

Gender Mainstreaming Awards – 5 October 2023.

Terms and conditions

We reserve the right to:

  • increase the number of days for judging and
  • increase the categories and allocate additional judges,
  • merge and/or split the categories where appropriate, depending on the number of shortlisted companies.


It is a condition of entry that the finalists attend the Awards event Gender Mainstreaming Champion attends the following event as Ambassadors and hands over the Gender Mainstreaming Trophy to the next winner as per the precedent set by the previous winners. 

Business Engage will meet with the Gender Mainstreaming Champion to discuss process.