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Nikki Viljoen

Nikki Viljoen

Viljoen Consulting
Internal Auditor & Business Administration specialist
Category: Economic Empowerment

Nikki is an Internal Auditor & Business Administration specialist who works here in South Africa (and in some other parts of the world from time to time), with hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Start-ups, where she teaches them the ‘how to’ of Starting and Running a sustainable business. Her business has been going for over 15 years now but she has over 45 years’ experience in the Operations and Administrative field.

She runs workshops for entrepreneurs and Start-ups on the “how to” of several aspects of business, such as (but not limited to) How to Write a Business Plan; A Basic Practical Guide to Starting and Running a Business; Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Entrepreneurs; Contract, Proposals and Tender Documents –  The How To for Entrepreneurs; HR 101 for Entrepreneurs; Corporate Governance, Compliance & the New Companies Act –  for Entrepreneurs; How to Export – for Entrepreneurs.

Nikki also works with big corporate companies, especially with their procurement processes and their supply chain, where they use their CSI spend to upskill their supply chain.  It means a more effective and efficient supply chain, they get additional points for using their CSI spend on Entrepreneurs and again additional BEE points for using Entrepreneurs. She is also an automatic Level 4.

Nikki works in some of the Corporates to help them, firstly to identify the problem areas within their businesses and then to assist them with putting processes and procedures in place to correct the problem areas.  This of course, means that they too will become more efficient and sustainable.

On rare occasions she gets to perform forensic audits, which she particularly enjoys.

Nikki has written and shared over 2000 blogs on a variety of topics that are geared specifically for Entrepreneurs, but can also be used by Start-ups and even Corporates. This led to her being rated and ranked by Blogger.Com who rated her 8.9 out of a possible 10 and this ranked her 5th in the world in her category.

She has a by-monthly column in the Your Business Magazine and has been writing for them since 2010.

She is interviewed on a regular basis on the Big Small Business Show and is able to give out valuable business related tips.

Nikki is one of a hand full of individuals who has been certified by ILO (International Labour Organisation)  to perform Gender Audits and finally, she is an Alumnae Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation, where she has been mentoring women Entrepreneurs from all over the world, since 2012.