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Dua Al Toobi

Dua Al Toobi

Dubai One TV
TV presenter
Category: Inclusive Leader Award

Dua Al Toobi stands at the intersection of technology and talent development, uniquely positioned as a thought leader in both the Tech and People landscapes. Having previously held positions such Head of Organizational Development under HR and Director of Digital Transformation under IT at Al Hilal Bank, the UAE’s first digital Islamic bank, underscores her innovative approach to bridging the digital skills gap in the GCC. Author of “Navigating the Future,” she distills insights from her groundbreaking work into a strategic guide for overcoming the challenges of digital transformation and talent enhancement. Dua’s commitment to thought leadership is further evidenced by her academic achievements, including an Executive Master in Digital Transformation and an ongoing Doctorate of Business Administration. Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Dua is a dynamic TV presenter on Dubai One TV, where she demystifies tech and entrepreneurship


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  • South Africa – Entries extended to 16 June 2024
  • East and West Africa entries open until 31 July 2024