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Andrew Crone

Andrew Crone

Nedgroup Investments
Head of Information Systems
Category: Positive Role Model

Andrew Crone is a passionate Technology Leader with over 20 years of IT experience in a variety of fields and roles, specialising in the linkage of technology as an enabler to deliver the business strategy. With extensive deep technical and managerial skills, Andrew has overseen the development of dozens of integrated IT solutions, primarily for the financial sector, successfully managed the front-to-back replacement of over R1 Billion in technical infrastructure and systems and has coordinated projects across four continents.

Andrew Crone is the founder of Tectonic Shift Pty LTD, a specialist consulting firm that provides mid-sized high-tech businesses with virtual CIO and COO services. These services range from inception of idea to final implementation and maintenance with a focus on linking IT capabilities and expansion to business needs, and comprehensive strategy development and risk mitigation techniques across go to market channels, IT legalese, pricing models, governance, processes, team structure and project delivery.
Andrew believes passionately in the power of technology to enable business strategies, by drafting the organisations technology puzzle in business terms to then ensure the marriage of a sustainable and repeatable delivery approach linked to the organisational maturity, playing the team to their strengths, exploiting the existing technology stack and consolidating where it makes sense, inclusive of ramping up with the right co-sourced strategic partners.

Most importantly – personally always taking time to accurately reflect and to continuously improve to ensure one stays current is a key motto; always challenge the status quo and use disruptive techniques to break through traditional barriers and allow for free thinking and greater company profitability.