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Empowerment of Women in the Community

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without a more equitable distribution of resources and the eradication of poverty.

Empowering women means giving the opportunity to thousands of women to get out of the poverty trap. Women not only constitute the vast majority of the world’s poor but they are at a higher risk of poverty compared to men. Poverty does not only refer to material resources such as money, food, or housing but also to social resources such as access to education, healthcare, or meaningful relations with other people.

This award recognises and acknowledges organisations that have strategies in place to allow for future programmes or have implemented sustainable initiatives around poverty alleviation which have enhanced skills and provided income opportunities that have positively impacted the lives of women and poor communities.  


Nominate an Individual for a Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.


Nominate a company for a Gender Mainstreaming Awards category.


Important time changes

  • South Africa – Entries extended to 16 June 2024
  • East and West Africa entries open until 31 July 2024